The Association Today

From a legal point of view the Patrons Association is just like any other association. It has it’s own constitution, steering commitee and advisory council. It has a yearly members meeting,new elections after the festival and of course an etat. The number of members has risen since the war from a few hundred to over 6500.

Apart from this,the "Association" has its own special image. In its early years people didn’t seem to take them seriously, and even today some of Landshut’s citizens like to keep a “critical distance” especially when the whole town is expected to play "Royal Wedding"

But the association expects such support. They’ve been present in Landshut for a hundred years and are a part of the town’s culture. They have far more members than some of Landshut’s biggest sport clubs,and are still growing today. They are also represented in special events and celebrations. All these activities are in accordance with the purpose of the association as written in the paragraph 2 in the bylaws of the constitution.

"The Patrons Association" have the duty to undertake the assignment of organising, carrying out and performing a cultural event, namely the "Landshuter Hochzeit 1475"

Apart from this the associaton is commited to maintain the cutural and historical townscape of Landshut.

At present the association occupies and administers two different buildings:

a) The so called Stethaimerhaus near St.Martins.

This house was once the dwelling place of the famous master-builder Hans von Burghausen, and is now the home of the association’s main office. This is where, with help of part time staff,the business and preparations are handled. There is also an important archive here, and in 1996/98 a part of an adjacent house was aquired which was needed to serve the expanding association.

b) The Armoury and main store-house

was built by the association mainly from their own funds and partly from public subsidies and donations. The building is ideally situated near the tournament fields and its central location is favourable. The coaches,wagons and other requisitions are stored here. Formerly they were kept in a large store-house on the edge of the town. More than 2000 costumes (with over 10,000 single items!) are kept in the armoury, together with the tailors and sewing rooms. A large hall together with other rooms are ideal for rehersals of the various dance, music and comedy groups. In the years between the wedding, the armoury and the other items of interest can be viewed on request.


The armoury then can be seen as a part of the festival,but mainly as a home and base for the participants for many royal weddings to come.