Difficult negotiations

The wedding was negotiated in 1474 in Kraków by legates: in the spring of 1474  Provost  Dr. Friedrich Mauerkircher of Altötting, was charged by Duke Louis to travel to Poland. Afterwards, a royal councilor came to Landshut.

On September 10th, 1474  the bishop of Regensburg, Dr. Mauerkircher and Theseres of Fraunhofer, a court advisor, returned to Poland to finalize the wedding plans. However, in spite of being laden with gifts, the delegation failed to meet King CasimirIV Jagiellon who was busy fighting the King of Hungary, one of the royal daughter's former pretenders.
On December 31st 1474 the marriage contract was sealed and finalized in Radom. The legation from Bavaria was however worried about the dowry. Luckily the queen, a cousins of Louis's, intervened.

The bride was to be commited to the care of the Duke’s delegation in Wittenberg onOctober 15th 1475. Being unable to meet Hedwig himself (probably because of the arrival of the Emperer, and because the Black Death was raging all along the route) George sent a large delegation to Wittenberg, led by Duke Otto of Neumarkt.

There the Margaret (the widow of Frederick II, Elector of Saxony), a member of the Habsburg family, and thus related to the Queen of Poland and the Duke of Landshut, had given her assent to accommodate Hedwig during her stay in Wittenberg and to commit her to Duke Otto. Both Margaret and her granddaughter Christine accompanied the bridal convoy to Landshut.