Music from around 1475 - novella musicale

Saturday- and sunday morning in the Residenz

Between the 14th and the 16th century a new art of storytelling developed in Italy. People enjoyed telling anecdotes, jokes, stories from far-away countries, ducal or royal courts, events that were really tragic or at least supposed to move or to inspire horror. They loved gossiping about marital rows, scandals from monasteries and about what happened to one’s neighbour.
Sigmund von Wolkenstein, the eminent Oswald von Wolkenstein’s grandson, was one of the guests at the “Landshuter Hochzeit” and a writer of such tales. Trying to recreate the sumptuous style of this literary genre formerly known as novella, the “Landshuter Hofkapelle” retells some of his tales. The novella will be the leitmotiv (central theme) throughout the performance.
The versatile musicians of the “Landshuter Hofkapelle” will present music from around 1475, thus making the concert an entertaining novella musicale.