Festival Play

Saturday morning and -afternoon, sunday morning and -afternoon, weekend evening at the Rathaus-Prunksaal

The play introduces the visitor to the wedding preparations. The author,Leopold Ahlsen, has a comedy performed before the dignitaries of the courtand town, in which both they and the spectators witness the stages of thebride‘s strenuous journey from the minute she leaves Cracow to her marriagein Landshut. After two months of fatiguing travel, the bride and her entourage,afflicted by death and the plague, finally reach their destination via Berlin,Wittenberg and Nuremberg, while in Landshut hundreds of noble guests areeagerly awaiting the latecomers‘ arrival and members of the court and thetown‘s elders - in their play on the stage - haggle over old misdeeds and debts.Thus the historical background of this European Wedding Feast reveals a pictureof the period both enlightening and poignant for the spectator.