A casting commitee which includes chamber-ladies and group leaders decide who can participate.
Anyone can be considered as long as he or she has officially applied in writing at a certain time, and that he or she lives in or near Landshut.
If there are too many applicants a member of the "Patrons association" will be considered first, being that he or she is suitable for the position available.
The application per form makes it possible for the commitee to decide who is suitable, and to check the costumes and utensils that will be used. Also it is important in some groups that the age and size of the applicants meet the criteria.
Historical and visual considerations are the reasons behind long hair, especially the girls, and fashionable beards are not allowed. These regulations are sometimes disliked, but nevertheless have to be rigorously adhered to.

Bride and bridegroom have to be born in Landshut
and enjoy a certain birthright. Normally they are chosen from the applicants of the noblewomen and noblemen. After an internal opinions and consideration process the favourites are invited to an interview. The couple are then given time to rehearse the various things they need for example dancing and horse riding.
The freedom of choice of the commitee is limited by some groups, for instance the special talents needed by the dancers, singers, knights and riders crossbow marksmen, flag throwers, falkners and jugglers. These groups are more or less autonomous and practice and work together independantly. Nevertheless also these groups are registered and confirmed.

Although it is necessary to keep a  permanent  number of regulars of which 2000 take part, the commitee always try to introduce new faces, and to give children and youth a chance to take part. It is of course important to be able to addapt to the occasion, and to have fun in an experience which is truly unique.

A part of the commitee’s duty is to inform all would be participants who attend a personal interview of the hard work and commitment during the festival weeks and the the long preparation and rehearsals long before the wedding starts.


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