Order of events

Monday November 14th

The eve of the wedding: Duke Georg jousts with one of his friends Louis of Westerstetten.

Tuesday November 15th
Early morning: The bride is met and greeted by a delegation at Eching near Landshut. A tournament is held in her honour. She is then welcomed on a commons outside Landshut by the Emperor, princes and bridegroom. A speech is held by the Margrave of Brandenburg. The bride is escorted to St. Martins's church, where she changes into her wedding gown and is taken to the alter by the Emperor.
Evening: Dancing in the townhall and wedding night in adjacent quarters.

Wednesday November 15th

Forenoon: The bridegroom, Princes and followers present the bride with gifts.
The Margrave, who is acting as master of ceremonies, promises the bride “love and friendship.”
Midday: The wedding meal: the bridegroom at the Emperor's side in the“Toll house” (the building was later demolished to build the Residence), and the bride with the bridegrooms’s mother in “The Oberndorfer House” (which today houses the Sparkasse bank).
Afternoon: Jousting tournament in the Old town, watched from a window by the Queen and her ladies-in-waiting.
Evening: Dancing in the town. The bride is not present.

Thursday November 16th

Afternoon: Jousting tournament in the Old town. Duke Christoph challenges a Polish prince. Evening: Dancing with Emperor and bride: The Chronicler tells us that the bride danced with each prince and that according to court etiquette the dancer had to walk on the bride's left. Only Count Eberhard of Württemberg made a gaffe, walking on the bride's right - only theEmperor and the bridegroom were supposed to do so - and was admonished by the Margrave. Later the Emperor wished to see a dance of princesses, ladies and maidens only, "and there were many fair ladies and maidens there" - 81 couples according to the chronicler.

Friday November 17th

The Margrave leaves Landshut and stays in Mainburg overnight.

Saturday November 18th

The Emperor leaves Landshut for Vienna, the Count of Württemberg heads for Ansbach where he probably wanted to stay at the Margrave's court. Several other princes stayed in Landshut for a while, as did Margaret of Saxony. The scribe's report ends with this information, as he followed the Margrave on his way back.