Gevatternabend (friends reunion)

The likeable old-fashioned word  "Gevatter" is almost forgotten and nowadays hardly ever used. The dictionary describes it as an old, funny sounding name for a friend: in English the nearest translation would be "buddy" or "pal". In such a way this old fashioned word has been kept alive by the friends and members of the association. Several times a year and at irregular intervals the "Gevatter evenings" are meetings for the members and friends of the "Landshuter Hochzeit 1475" association.

The festive recitals are always dedicated to a certain theme. They relate to a certain historical topic,of course relevant to the festival, and serve to educate the guests in an entertaining way. These evenings also sreve to encourage and enhance unity in the association in the years between the festival, and to deepen the understanding and friendship for each other, and of course to discuss further goals and plans for festivals to come.

Additionally there is the possibility to exchage views and ideas with the appropriate people without having to wait for an appointment.