Hedwig Jagiellon

Born on September 21st 1457. Daughter of the Polish King Casimir IV  and his wife Archduchess Elisabeth  (daughter of  the Duke of Austria).
Because Duke George was related to the Austrian Dukedom through his grandmother, it was necessary to obtain a dispensation from the Pope for the wedding to take place.
Despite the fact that Hedwig’s mother was of Austrian descent she needed an interpreter to understand the announcements and speeches that were made during the celebrations. The bride’s brother, Ladislaus, had become king of Bohemia in 1471. Ladislaus believed that Hedwig was exiled to the Burghausen castle shortly after the wedding. According to historians this, however, is not true. Duchess Hedwig, just like her predecessors resided in the Burghausen castle where she gave birth to five children, of which only two girls were alive when their parents died in 15.02 resp. 1503.

Hedwig died on February 18th, 1502 and was buried in the chapel of the Abbey of Raitenhaslach, the resting-place of all those members of the Wittelsbach family, who resided in Burghausen. Her tomb was there until the secularisation of Bavaria. Recently a memorial stone was placed where the tomb once was. The memorial stone was donated by "Die Förderer" e. V.