Festival milestones

The wedding took place every year from 1903. From 1950 every three years, and from1981 every four years. There were longer intervals during the war years (both World wars), and because of the great fire in 1970.


First procession on August 15th on the occasion of the “Industry and Trade Fair.”
The most prominent guest was Prince Ludwig. Due to bad weather the procession was repeated.


Knights festival at Trausnitz castle. Crossbowmarksmen shootout.


A festival as introduction to historical background, by Georg Schaumberg from Munich.
Wilhelm Prager the film maker was the first director. The film was encouraged by the Munich Tourist association.


A symphonic prelude prior to the festival from Heinrich Schmidt  Bayreuth.


Dance with music from Hans Lehner, Landshut. Choreographer: State ballet master Heinrich Kröller. A special guest was Crownprince Rupprecht. After years of  financial loss, at last assets in the treasury: 36 trillion 320 billion Reichsmark.


Jousting tournament with three pairs of knights under the direction of Georg Tippel.


In spite of the political unrest the festival took place under new direction: the teacher and author Karl Stadtler. He was to become a bridge between the time of commencement and the present day. At his side as artistic adviser was the painter and artist Franz Högner.


the association was newly founded.


saw the first festival after the war.


the President of the Federal Republic of Germany Theodor Heiss came to Landshut to see the festival.


saw the premier of the "flag-wavers" and busine trumpeters. The historical music under the direction of Hans Walch was institutionalised into the "Music around1475". At first the music took some getting usd to,due to the use of  historical instuments,but this was to lead to more authenticity and soon after followed by the "historical dance".


the coaches and many other requisites were destroyed in a major fire.


costumes and fabrics were damaged due to a burst water pipe.


the costumes and requisites were stored at The Duke’s dwelling, with the help of the Town council.


the festival took place as special celebration together with Landshut’s 500th anniversary, introducing many new additions to the pageant, especially the dance performances under the direction of Anne and Ulrich Behrisch.


saw the inauguration of the "Stethaimer house" near St.Martins,which was to serve as the new association headquarters. 


The author Leopold Ahlsen introduced a new festival play which was rehearsed under the direction of  Peter Grassinger.


the foundation stone was laid for the new armoury and store-house,which was planned by architecht Rudolf Wohlgemuth. The "Zeughaus" was to be built adjacent the tournament field.It was at first partially used, and from1989 on was to become centre of all assets, workshops and rehearsal rooms.


the tournament fields were brought closer to the town and the other famous landmaks of Landshut i.e. the castle and the spire of St.Martins. Manfred Schnelle from Rostock was engaged to direct the historical dance performances in the same year,and another prominent visitor came to Landshut, namely The President-Richard von Weizäcker.


bishops and their escorts were included in the procession,the masquerades arranged by Karola Schosser,Hubert Gruber and Berndt Zöttl had their debut. Dance arrangements from Andrea Francalanci (Florence).


The director of the festival play was Johannes Reitmeier, adn  the new dance choreographers was the Belgian Lieven Baert. The number of flags increased as did the bishops. The President Roman Herzog visited Landshut, Hezog is in fact a native Landshuter.


The Patrons Association celebrated their 100th annivesary with a ceremony and celebration concert in the state room of the town hall. "Open Day" at the armoury with biergarden.


saw the start of the "Comedia Musicale" at the Trausnitz castle which was also to celebrate the 100th performance of the "Landshuter Hochzeit".


Landshut celebrated its 800th anniversary.


The Medieaval Tavern was introduced to the programme. (See single events)


Comedia Musicale at the Trausnitz Castle


Get together in Trausnitz Castle - a new single event at the performance of the "Landshut Hochzeit 1475"


Festival at the Trausnitz Castle