George the Rich

Duke George the "Rich" of Bavaria-Landshut (at the time of the wedding he was  already co-regent and therefore no longer "hereditary prince".
Born on August 15th, 1455 as son to Duke Louis the Rich of Bavaria-Landshut and his wife Amalia, daughter of the Prince-Elector of Saxony, George was baptised by Sigmund, Archbishop of Salzburg, in St. Martin's church in Landshut. He grew up in Burghausen, one of the biggest castles in Europe. Burghausen was the home of the Landshut Dukes for many generations. At the tender age of 13 he was sent to Landshut to partake in State affairs. Due to his abilities he was soon elevated him to the rank of co-regent.
George died on December 1st, 1503 in Ingolstadt while travelling to a spa. He was buried in the grounds of Seligenthal Convent in Landshut. Founded in 1232, the Convent was  the “place of rest” for the Dukes of Landshut. His death triggered the “Landshut War of Succession” in 1504. As Duke Albrecht of Bavaria-Munich, and King Maximilian refused to recognise the last will and testament of Duke George, which was in favour of his daughter Elisabeth. (Elisabeth was married to Rupprecht of Palatine.)
After the defeat and death of the young couple, the territories of Bavaria-Landshut and Bavaria-Munich were united again under leadership of Munich.