Landshut: The eve of the wedding

Tonight will be an entertaining evening with many attractions for our guests from near and far:

6:00 pm: The night camp is busy with comedians, magicians, musicians, minstrels, jugglers, lansquenets and ironclad warriors. Enjoy the merry spectacle of the late Middles Ages! There is also a special programme for children: Meet magicians, knights, musicians and princes! Kids can also make their own knights helmets, crowns, bracelets and coats of arms or play medieaval games. Or they may listen to the storyteller and abandon themselves to a universe of fairytales and legends, just like people did in 1475, while adults may test their aiming capabilities with the crossbow or try to beat a group of commoners at a mediaeval board game.

6:30 pm: Trumpet fanfares hail the opening of Friday evening at the camp. Lansquenets, some of them armed with awl pikes, roam the night camp, while musicians and drummers play for the guests. Several musical groups take turns to entertain the feasting guests from the central platform in the middle of the camp ground.

8:pm: the clamour and babble dies down; on the small camp ground comedians entertain the guests with short plays, some of them funny, some resqué, some serious, while on the large camp ground acrobats and jugglers show their feats.

9:30 pm: Dinner for the nobility! Servants from the ducal kitchen present the dishes and serve them at the princes' tent.