The Boxgarland

It is reported that Lisa Buchberger, the girl who played Röckl’s small daughter in the 1906  pageant, was asked by the Festival director to wear a box garland in her hair.
Later, the other girls in the pageant wore garlands in their hair too. Being that the pageant first took place in 1905, the tradition can be traced back to that time. Lisa Buchberger later went on to play “The Bride”in 1908.
We know today that at The King of Hungary’s wedding in 1476, the bride placed a boxgarland on the bridegroom’s head, on which hung a golden ring. At the feast, the bride also wore a boxgarland together with a garland of pearls.
The fact, that the man who reported at the Hungarian wedding and the Landshuter wedding, the  same man is, (Seybolt), and that both journals were published about the same time, proves  that  the creators of the Landshuter Hochzeit knew about this , and used the information accordingly. Indeed, this information was also used when the paintings of the Royal Wedding was commissioned around 1880. A photo belonging to Elizabeth Bogner’s family, shows that in 1904 at the Castle Festival pages wore boxgarlands.
Finally, the boxplant,being an “evergreen” serves as a sign of  love, loyalty, andfriendship.Even today at weddings the seamstress of the wedding dress prepares small sprigs of  box and myrten for the wedding guests.