Summer festival

The Armoury is the home depot  of  the "Landshuter Hochzeit 1475". The now wellloved home of  the pageant and its participants. It is situated on the edge of the tournament field and serves as housing and store for the many costumes that are used. It is also a center and meeting point for the members during the years between weddings.
In the armoury gardens a summerfest takes place every year, usually on a warm July evening. At the point where the wagons and coaches turn, a firendly beer-garden is set up. For the children there’s a Punch and Judy theatre, and for adults a jazz band. There a lots of shady places to sit. The associations summer festival is well loved by the members and friends of the pageant.

A meeting point for old and young, for participants and their families. But also friends of the “Landshuter Hochzeit 1475” are welcome, and this seems the best way to look forward to the next festival. With sausages from a barbecue and coffee and cake.